On 16 October 2019, at the RIPE 79 meeting in Rotterdam, Axel Pavlik announced his resignation as managing Director of RIPE NCC.

In 1999, the RIPE NCC Regional Internet registry, at the time Axel joined it, had only 1,600 members and during his reign the organization acquired more than 20,000 new members. RIPE NCC under Axel's leadership was more than able to handle the challenges of such growth.

As the Internet ecosystem grew, Axel took on the role of representing the technical community to governments and intergovernmental organizations, making the voice of the RIPE community heard at the highest levels. He worked closely with RIPE chairmen Rob Bloxale and Hans Petter Holen on the development of the RIPE community. Axel was also instrumental in the creation of the ENOG, MENOG, and SEE communities.

The first report Of managing Director Axel in 2000 concluded with the words"... we look forward to continuing to work on a solid Foundation of RIPE NCC's principles of neutrality, impartiality and openness to serve the online community and especially RIPE NCC membership." Axel followed this trend for the next 20 years.

RIPE NCC's Executive Board begins the process of selecting a new managing Director. At the same time, the Board appointed a new management team of Gwen van Bern (CFO), Kave Ranjbar (CIO) and Felipe Victolla Silveira (COO) to lead RIPE NCC and ensure continuity of service and operations during the interim period.

 We met with Axel Pavlik and expressed our sincere gratitude to him for his outstanding service to the members of RIPE NCC over the past two decades and dedication to the cause

Friday, October 18, 2019

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